SIGGRAPH 2003 Course #35
Plausible Simulation

John Hughes, Brown University
Ronen Barzel

Stephen Chenney, University of Wisconsin
Jovan Popovic, MIT
Ron Fedkiw, Stanford University & ILM

Accurate simulation, or controllability? Can we have both? A new view of simulation says we can. The real world is textured with tiny variations and uncertainty of detail, yielding a diversity of possible motions in any given circumstance. By incorporating variability of detail into simulations, we can let animators choose motions that are consistent with the simulated world and yet meet functional and aesthetic goals. This course brings together groundbreaking researchers to present recent research and to discuss future plans and open questions in what may develop into an important new paradigm in computer graphics.

Here are the PowerPoint slides from the presentations:

course notes:
Sorry, I don't have the published course notes online. They are on the SIGGRAPH 2003 "Conference Select CD-ROM" and "Full Conference DVD".